Graviton, the First Inter-chain Project Utilizing Gravity Mainnet

What is Graviton? TL;DR: not a Gravity token

How can the Gravity network be monetized?

What is the Graviton Catalyst?

How is Gravity involved in Graviton, and how will its nodes earn?

  1. Gravity SuSy is one of the integrated bridges, primarily between Non-EVM <-> EVM / Non-EVM chains, for example, Waves <-> BSC, Solana <-> Avalanche, Waves <-> Solana, etc.
  2. Gravity oracles are flexible enough to be used for tracking and calculating LP impacts and triggering the distribution of the reward token (GTON).
  3. Gravity nodes and extractors are used as sources of “pacemaker” activity for autonomous blockchain transactions.

What’s next?



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